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Jacques Lipchitz

  • 1891
    Born on 22 August in Druskieniki (Lithuania)
  • 1914-16
    Becomes friends with Juan Gris and Picasso. It is through his hands that cubism arrives in sculpture.
  • 1924
    Acquires French citizenship. Lives in Boulogne-sur-Seine, in a house designed for him by Le Corbusier.
  • 1935
    Lipchitz’s first major exhibition in New York
  • 1941
    Fleeing persecution by the Nazis, he emigrates to the United States
  • 1954
    His MoMA retrospective in New York
  • 1958
    Becomes an American citizen
  • 1965
    Is assigned the task of creating a portrait of President John F. Kennedy
  • 1972
    Retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which coincides with the publication of his autobiography My Life in Sculpture
  • 1973
    Lipchitz dies on the island of Capri and is buried in Jerusalem
Lipchitz e l\'opera Prometeo strangola l\'avvoltoio

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